About us

Gmask was created Kimberly Monzon mother of 2. Here is her story...

For the last 3 years she travelled with her kids to many major trade shows in Toronto and West Canada. She originally started Gmask to help fund her son's badminton career and to help with her daughter's school education.

She was very motivated to become a leader in this environment. What started as a side business turned into a full-time business because of the immediate popularity of the Gmask products in the trade shows they exposed at! Now finally, Gmask is online and available to ship practically anywhere in the whole world for everyone to enjoy how amazing and fun our products are for all genders ages and genders!

Kimberly "I have been blessed with amazing and talented people along my journey. I truly believe that positivity and happiness within yourself is the key to success"

At Gmask we are passionate about products and want to make sure everyone is 100% satisfied.

We strive to give you the best quality and designs.